Judge John Shirley


Ms. Annie Scarborough
Phone: 601-863-3237


Jim Bobo, is the youth court prosecutor and the adult municipal court prosecutor.

Public Defender

Brendan Sartin, is the youth court public defender and the adult municipal court public defender.

Law Enforcement Officers

Pearl Law Enforcement Officers, Lieutenant Amanda Thomasson, Detective Justin Barnett, and Detective Jose Valle, investigate allegations that a child has been abused, neglected, or has committed a crime.

Lieutenant Amanda Thomasson
Phone: 601-932-3572

Detective Justin Barnett
Phone: 601-939-7000
Email: JBarnett@cityofpearl.com

Detective Jose Valle
Phone: 601-939-7000
Email: JValle@cityofpearl.com

Guardian ad Litem

The Youth Court Guardian ad Litem, Debra Baker, who is appointed by the Youth Court Judge, is appointed as an arm of the Court to investigate and make recommendations regarding allegations of child abuse and child neglect.

Ms. Debra Baker
Phone: 601-863-3202

Court Counselors

The Court Counselor, Michael Howard, counsels with and provides supervision for children who have been placed on probation.

Mr. Michael Howard
Phone: 601-863-3233

Department of Human Services

Rankin County Department of Human Services (DHS), 601-824-6322, investigates allegations that a child has been abused or neglected.

Pearl DHS Area Social Work Supervisors, Athenia Rhodes and April Edwards, supervise other DHS social workers assigned to children who have allegedly been abused or neglected.

Ms. Athenia Rhodes
Phone: 601-824-6322

Ms. April Edwards
Phone: 601-824-6322
Email: April.Edwards@mdhs.ms.gov

Orders & Frequently Asked Questions

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Youth Court involves children who are allegedly abused; neglected; delinquent; in need of supervision; and/or in need of mental health treatment.

Click here to read some youth court definitions and a comparison between adult criminal court and youth court for a child who is accused of committing an act that would be considered a crime if the child was an adult.

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